Meeting are Tuesdays at 6:30pm in the Design Center, ASEC A108

Formula SAE/Formula Student encompasses students to engage themselves into a work environment similar to the engineering industry. These students are challenged to incorporate their classroom knowledge into effective designs related to the automotive industry. In the end, the experience and opportunity young students gain from such an engineering project produces engineers not found in classrooms alone.

 On April 29, we unveiled ZER19! Thank you to all our sponsors, family, and alumni who attended!

2019 Schedule

New roo weekend                                                                      Aug 23
Leadership retreat                                                                     Aug 30
Visit to Twinsburg public library                                             July 27
Formula Electric Competition                                                 June 18-22
Formula North Competition                                                    May 30-June 1
Unveiling                                                                                     April 29

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