In the news (twice)


Passed Tech Inspection at Formula North!

January 2019

Work on the Frame has gone well and the welding is just about complete.

December 2018


This month our tubes for the frame have come back cut ready for use. Welding has already begun in the design center as we work towards the next stages of construction.

November 2018

This month, the frame design and mechanical design of the accumulator have been finalized. Design work has continued for new PCBs, including ECU, BMS and accumulator interface, and TSAL. The FMEA document, due November 19, is nearly finished, and the team began work on SES documents for the frame and accumulator, due in January. FEA is being performed on the Mechanical structure of the Accumulator to ensure it can withstand the forces of a crash as dictated by the rules. Thank you for your continued support of our team!

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